Simple songs that are very reminisant of me

Now Moving On To The Bands/Music Artist That I Just Like

The Descendents

A rock/punk band(I don't really know ngl :p). The main singer, and the guy on most of their album covers, is named Milo. They remind me of Weezer a lot. So, if you like Weezer, then there is a chance thet you'll like them!


A german punk band, becasue why not? They are one of favorite bands in the entire world and I love them a lot!!!

Heart Attack Man

Silly little band that isn't that big, so you should go check them out! They are frickin' awesome and rad. A lot of their songs on my list of favorites, so go check them out!

My Friend's Music

He's my good friend and I would love to see him grow more popular! So, if you like cool little beats, then you should check his work out! :D

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